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2018 Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) Awards

This summer, I had the opportunity to serve as a judge for the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) 2018 Awards in the Community Engagement category under senior judges Todd Allan, CMO, Labatt and Scot Riches CRM Officer at RI.

Community Engagement is all about the dialogue between brands and people – clients, consumers, partners or employees. Successful campaigns use PR and social media to spark continued exposure (earned media, impressions and interactions) and authentic, real-world conversations.

Giving back in a professional capacity is important to me. Besides providing a fantastic professional development opportunity (who would turn down the chance to review and learn from some of the best work in the industry?!), there is nothing better for re-lighting your passion for your profession than from seeing the inspiring results of an agency or client’s blood, sweat and tears come to life in a polished and impactful campaign. Canada is home to some of the best marketing minds in the world, and the CMA awards give us the chance to see a powerhouse of talent on display.

I’m grateful to have been selected for this panel and can’t wait to see the winners unveiled with the rest of you on Friday, November 23. Mark your calendars!

Jill Knaggs