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marketing strategy

Think professional marketing consulting services are best left to big business? Think again. Whether you're new to the block or a known commodity; everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. From brand management to integrated marketing to communications and stakeholder relations - marketing and business strategy supports are available to you, no matter what your size. Building from a solid foundation using the right mix of with market research and internal acumen, we'll work together to identify your competitive advantage and fine tune a focused strategy that works for you. A holistic, top-down and bottom-up approach will leave you with the tools you need to succeed.

insights & guidance

How do you choose the best tools for the job? Do industry buzzwords like curated content, hijack marketing and dark social make your head spin? Professional expertise from 'outside eyes' can shed new light on your unique challenges and pull out the insights that will help you choose the best tactics. Executing a big dream on a small budget? Worried you don't have the in-house resources to sustain a sophisticated plan? We'll lay the groundwork and walk through marketing menu together to help you land on a solution that will work; leveraging your own talents in a sustainable way. Templates and metrics will keep you moving forward on your own two feet.

workshops & speaking engagements

Iā€™m passionate about marketing and communications and nothing is more fun than sharing my knowledge and best practices with others. Paying it forward is one of the easiest ways we can work together and take advantage of shared community knowledge. Check out my speaking engagements or talk with me about upcoming workshops and courses. Let's work together, today!