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Looking for an experienced facilitator with in-depth industry experience to deliver a full or half-day marketing workshop for your organization or conference? See the workshop content outlined below or connect with me to talk more about custom solutions. 

marketing & Brand for nonprofits

For many community developers, the idea of brand can feel too corporate. What’s good for business isn’t always a perfect fit for community organizations, but why not adapt best practices from the private sector to fit our models and increase our impact? Put simply, your brand is your universal promise of value; while marketing is about delivering (and communicating) that value. It’s all about managing perceptions and telling your own story. But, before you can successfully tell your story; you’ll need a narrative.

This half-day workshop distills brand elements into three simple questions: Who are you? How do you help? And who do you serve? The goal is to discover brand and marketing tools that you need to effectively advocate for change, build capacity and tell your story in a way that will encourage others to take action. This workshop will cover marketing theory tailored for social good, while giving participants the practical tools and insights they can implement back at the office for easy and immediate results. If you’ve ever struggled to get a consistent, impactful message out, or make sure everyone in your organization is telling the same story to clients, funders and others – this workshop is for you.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the elements of a brand, including features (what we offer), benefits (how features help the client or end user), personality, values and essence – and how it applies to your own organization.
  • Know your organization's brand personality and how to use that knowledge to generate consistent, impactful messages.
  • Understand and communicate your organization’s value proposition and what makes you unique using the VRIO model. Harness the marketing power that comes with knowing how your program or service is meaningfully unique.
  • Learn more about audience profiling and how it helps your message land; from employees to clients to funders and more.
  • Understand the power of, and learn the tools to develop marketing personas to make target audiences more relatable.
  • Know how to use the above principles to set the stage to make a greater impact with less work.